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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Spring gingham nails

The spring sunshine is not set to break through in the south-east for quite some time and the view from my desk at work is rather dull. So to cheer up a grey Friday and bank holiday weekend, which I would have liked to have spent in a sunny Cambridge with a delicious picnic, but the weather looks set to ruin that plan. Instead I have used my nails as a canvas to paint a little Spring picnic.

It's a little fiddly to create but I love the finished outcome. I'll be spending the summer perfecting this. I got the idea and technique from Pinterest. This is how I did it;

The key items you will need are, a base coat, a colour for the gingham pattern, scotch tape (or similar, selotape will not work) and a clear top coat to hold the design in place.

Before you start painting your nails paint a length of tape with the colour you would like your gingham pattern. This takes quite a while to dry.

While the tape is drying, paint your nails with your base colour. Once dry, take sharp nail scissors and cut small strips of the painted tape. Dab with your finger at the edge to check the paint on the tape is dry before cutting. If it is still tacky wait a little longer. Cut horizontally across the tape.

Using tweezers place the strip on the nail you would like to create the pattern.

I used 7 strips on each nail. Depending on how thick you cut the strips and the size of your nails you may need to alter the number of strips you use. The strip are likely to be a little longer that your nails.

Using nail scissors cut the overhanging pieces of tape once you have stuck all the strips down. Then finish off your spring picnic nails with a clear top coat and there you have it...a design that will put Spring in your step.

What do you think? Will you be trying this, this Spring?

L x

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