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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Do you know what goes into your facial products?

I am not loyal when it comes to beauty products. My make up bag has a rotating array of different brands and products. This is true also for facial products. Since my introduction to a 'proper' beauty/facial routine I have tried and tested so many brands and products. Only a few I have ever repurchased. Recently I have thought about what I realistically want from a facial product. This lead me to face up to the fact the flawless result I desire will not be obtained from a liquid in a well presented bottle. So with that revelation I stopped looking at the models skin on promotional advertising and started reading about facial products in general.

One thing that I have never considered are the ingredients. I'm so concerned about the ingredients that I eat yet not those that I potentially let my skin absorb. Did you know that up to 60% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into your body?! Some chemicals in skin care products can also be the cause of skin problems such as abnormal oily or dryness areas or acne itself. I was surprised to find that facial products can also cause internal problems to kidneys, the liver and urinal tract!! The ingredient Propylene Glycol (a popular skin care ingredient) surprised me the most. Firstly for the fact that everyone today is trying to retain youthful skin yet this ingredient actually weakens your skin proteins...the stuff that keeps your skin looking taught and youthful. Secondly it can be found in anti-freeze! Yikes! (Source: Pure-Therapy)

Armed with this information I began my search for a more natural skin care routine. Neal's Yard first came to mind having seen their advert for organic make up. After staring blankly at the gorgeously shaped, deep blue bottles on the shelf in John Lewis for ages I decided to try Origins instead. If I'm buying a facial product for the first time, I like to try it and speak to someone about it. *Huge downfall for some of the brands in the store who literally have a few shelves tucked away in the corner and no representative!*

Over at Origins the lady was so helpful. I am a sucker for good customer service and could have bought everything she suggested. After trying the products on the back of my hand I walked away with Never A Dull Moment and United State. A cleanser and a tonic. Oh and a list of 3 further products should I get on well with these!

Now I know these are not quite organic but compared to the brand I am currently using these are a step in the right direction to au naturale skin care. After just a week of using these I have noticed a dramatic difference in the oiliness of my skin. This seems to have evened out and by 3pm I don't have an oil slick patch on my forehead.

I may have found a brand I can be loyal to...
...for now.

Have you ever thought about the chemicals in your facial and beauty products? Would more knowledge of what they are made from, see you consider using more natural alternatives?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

L x


  1. I had to look for natural shower gels & shampoos for a while when my eczema was bad. I really struggled to find any that didn't contain sodium laureth sulfate. I was disappointed that all of the L'occitane products contained it. In the end I used simple soap and continue to use that on my face now. Luckily it works as my skin is 'normal' but it is interesting to read how much the chemicals can affect your body!

    1. Some of the most expensive brands are the worst offenders! It's really made be consider looking towards an organic alternative. Although I'm falling in love with Origins!

  2. Your blog post is a topic close to my heart. I have eczema & allergies and what goes into my skincare is very important to me. I am someone who strongly believes that natural skincare is the way forward & will help improve skin problems. I only blog about free from natural skincare if you want to learn more :)

    1. Great blog! Now following you on Hellocotton :)


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