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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Button hearts

There is something about a tin of buttons. Every button in my tin has a memory attached to it. Whether it be the well loved piece of clothing that it was taken from, the little shops in Devon where they were salvaged or fragmented memories of sitting with my cousins at my Nan's house endlessly tipping them out all over the floor and matching them up. All these memories have sat tightly shut inside the tin that my Nan gave me for over 10 years, only ever opened to add one of my own buttons. For all those years I've thought of ways I could use them in a non-permanent way. I finally decided to make button hearts and frame them. If in a few years I find another use for them I can simply unpick them and recycle. Although I think it will be a long time before I could bring myself to undo these.

These are so simple to create and make great gifts, which is exactly what I am planning for them.

All you need is a fairly thick fabric, lots of thread, a needle, a cross-stitch hoop, a box frame and lots of your favourite buttons!

I laid the buttons I wanted to use on to the material in a heart shape and took a picture, so that I could follow it, like a pattern.

Start to sew each of your buttons on. I started with the top outline and then filled in the shape from the sides moving to the middle to make sure that my heart shape remained as 'heart shaped' as possible.

Once you have sewed on all your buttons, iron your fabric around the heart. Take your box frame and place your button heart in the centre, place the frame back on top of the fabric, try to keep the fabric as taught as possible so you don't get any creases. Cut of the excess fabric and staple round the back of the frame if you need to.

Et volia...a very cute, personal momento, that cost next to nothing to make. The frame was the biggest expense at £5 in Tesco. Bearing in mind, they can sell for up to £50 in some shops, having become a shabby chic interior design accessory, perhaps becoming a little overdone. Although, the handmade versions are just that little bit more special and unique.

I still have loads of buttons left...if you have any ideas for how I could use the buttons in a creative or crafty way, please post your ideas below :)
L x


  1. Love this it looks so affective especially the one with the mish mash of assorted buttons!

    1. Thanks Rachael! I was really pleased with the result. Hopefully my Mum will like it. I thought it would be a good leaving gift :) x


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