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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Right on our doorstep

Amongst the excitement, chaotic packing and dreams of new beginnings, there is a small glowing feeling in the pit of my stomach. Some days that glow resembles fear or sadness. Other days it leaves me feeling nervous. I guess the ‘unknown’ has a powerful way of pulling these emotions from you.

My recent trip to Devon was full of memories and laughter with my family. I found myself watching, as if from a distance, on the conversations we were having or the games we were playing. As though to ink every moment into my memory. I’m blessed with an extremely loving family and will of course miss moments with them. Attached to every photo (above) is a vivid, happy memory. The beauty of a photo is its ability to pull you back to that moment in time. A particular feeling,  smell or noise from the surroundings at that point in your past come flowing back. I posted a few of my photos from Devon before but I couldn’t resist sharing a few more.

The land and adventures to be had on your own doorstep are endless. Every time I visit Devon I am amazed once again. Perhaps this is due to having spent many a week in Devon as a child. Looking at the scenery, eating in the same coffee shops or exploring the same toy shop where we used to spend all our pennies, bring  a surge of memories.

As I take my seat on the plane, set for Canada, the preparation and efforts that we have taken to get us to that point, I see washing away and with the next wave, a feeling of relief and anticipation for what awaits beyond will fall upon me. From the moment we step off that plane, we will begin to etch out new memories and Canada will quickly become a special place and I will have a new doorstep to explore.

No matter what, the doorstep that I grew up on will always bring me fond memories that I will often find myself revisiting.

L x


  1. Such a lovely blog post. Here's hoping we get to share and build many future memories with you both xx

    1. here, here!
      Thank you for the lovely comment hun x


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