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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

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At the beginning of this month I posted my top tips for blogging having been a fully fledged 'blogger' for 3 months. One of the best things about blogging, is knowing that what you write is appreciate by others, no matter how many times we tell ourselves to write for you only. I could spend hours analysing my Google analytics or Blogger stats. At first I did. I don't think this is uncommon as I have read of other newbie bloggers excerising the same habit. It must be the marketer in me, who likes to analyse data to find out what makes people tick.

I thought I'd share A Girl's Imagination Top 3 posts for the past 3 months;

This was my first fashion event held with a popular high-street brand and I really loved looking over the items before they hit the shops. I came away with a very long wish list. Great to hear from the top buyers too, with their Spring/Summer recommendations.

I wrote this to highlight the beauty and tranquility of Tuscany. Over the past years I have visited a number of times. It remains as one of my favourite place I have ever visited. My cousin and her family offer holiday rentals in stunning settings. So this was a shout out for her too and all the amazing work she does!

If you are an advocate of BareMinerals you may have heard this statement before. Their most recent campaign is inspiring and unique and I'm glad that it has reached so many people. Hopefully it has helped to increase awareness. I am not affliated with this campaign, I simply believe that an emphasis on real natural beauty should be made in the beauty industry.

H&M was an amazing experience. Tuscany and the Bare Minerals Campaign are both subjects that I am very passionate about. So I am really pleased that these have topped as my most popular posts.

Is there a particular post I've written that you really enjoyed that perhaps doesn't appear here? I'd love to know what types of post readers enjoy.

L x


  1. Naturally I loved your Cambridge post! H&M also my fave x

    1. Yes the Cambridge post was a really fun one to write. Although tricky as I had so much to say. Lots more Cambridge avdentures to come over the next month!


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