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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Family Mini Break

Last Saturday morning began in the dark for me. Before the sun had rose, I had already eaten breakfast, dressed and was sat in the back of my parents car, on the way to pick up my cousin. Our road trip had began. We were on our way to Devon.

Devon, in particular, Torcross near Dartmouth, is a really special place for us. I have been visiting for as long as I can remember and I think my Mum has for as long as she can remember. A caravan holiday in Devon was a ridiculously exciting prospect for an 8 year old. Nans, Grandads, Cousins, Parents, Aunts and Uncles made their way to Devon for a weekend or week every summer. The highlight for me and brother was getting a dingy every year, although that usually only lasted a day at the most!

My Nan's ashes are in Devon which has made it even more special in recent years. I haven't been back for 7 years. I was hoping I hadn't grown out of the expectation that Devon always brought when younger. This year we stayed in a little 2 bed bungalow at the far end of Torcross beach. Literally felt like a 10 year for a week, playing on the beach, burning marsh mellows over a fire and searching rock pools for crabs left behind by the tide.

Devon is the real Garden of England in my opinion. I live in Kent and it doesn't hold a patch of beauty in relation to the vast countryside and lengthy coast line that Devon has to offer...
Taking the coastal walk to the town with an amazing view ahead

Such beautiful weather made it all the more picture perfect


That black hump is a seal's head! Only my non David Attenborough excitement scared it off

Our little beach fire
The view from our little 'shack' on the hill
...see what I mean?!

I absolutely loved my week in Devon. I will have a few more pictures and posts on my trip over the coming weeks.

L x

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