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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring Clean

A particular habit inherited from my mother is to empty out every cupboard, drawer, box, nook and cranny at the turn of Spring. Yesterday the ritual began. Completely subconsciously. It was only until I spoke to my Mum about my clean up that she said she was doing the same. This got me thinking. And yes every year about this time the windows are opened to the widest point, fresh air billows through the house and a detectable smell of bleach lingers.


A pile of clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories is growing in the spare room. All to be put onto eBay this week. The kitchen cupboards will be next, everything taken out, cupboards wiped and because I make tasks so much more difficult for myself, I'll probably rearrange the contents too.

The best thing about a good Spring clean, apart from letting your inner 'Monica' loose, is uncovering items you had forgotten you had. I found these 3 rings. 2 of them were my Great Aunts and the one with the big stone was my Mum's when she was a teenager. It's a bit like a mood ring, appearing Blue or Purple or a little in between if you are neither hot nor cold. I've organised these treasures towards the top of the box where I keep all my jewellery so that I remember to wear these every once in a while. They are too special to be kept inside a box.

Do you partake in a ridiculous Spring clean clear out?

L x

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